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Skin Cycling: The new beauty trend that you’ll love!

In our effort to take care of our skin we usually apply a lot of different products together and as a result the various active ingredients they contain weigh down our skin. This can bring the opposite results of what we actually want, which is a rested and glowing skin that “removes” years from the face instead of adding to it.

It’s not a bad thing to use different products of a brand on our face, as long as the choice of the products is correct, as well as the applying process. That’s why today we are going to refer to a brand new trend that it is certain you will absolutely love, since it has a lot of benefits.

What is skin cycling;
Skin cycling is a new term and trend in skin care and has recently become quite popular through social media, although for some experts it has been a familiar method for years.

It is essentially a four-night program where the use of active ingredients alternates, allowing our skin to rest. According to the program we must follow the following procedure: exfoliation night, retinoid night (derivatives of natural vitamin A), recovery night, recovery night, repeat. This way we’ll get the most out of the active ingredients from our skin care products while minimizing irritation and boosting those much needed restorative nights.

As mentioned above, this interesting method lasts for four nights and the cycle repeats within the week for a healthier and happier skin!

Why do skin cycling;
By doing skin cycling we can avoid possible irritations that may arise due to the frequent use of retinoid and exfoliating products. Therefore, with the limited use of these ingredients, we give our skin the opportunity to rest between the treatments we apply the first two nights.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin;
Skin cycling is beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive ones. The fact that the two consecutive recovery nights that follow include full hydration and nourishment of the skin, helps it rest so it doesn’t react after using the retinol and exfoliants. This of course also applies to skin types that are using exfoliating and retinoid products with active ingredients for the first time, such as our own products.

What will I need to start skin cycling; Our CP recommendations!

1. First night: Exfoliation
On the first night, we recommend exfoliating the skin with an exfoliating product, such as The Regenerating Moisturizing Gel, which contains naturally-derived salicylic acid and Bamboo water, which help in deep cleansing of excess oil, preventing the development of future white and black spots. Use the product after double cleansing your face by first applying a good cleansing facial oil such as The Pure Cleansing Oil, and then an antiseptic cleansing gel with moisturizing factors, such as The Toning Cleansing Gel.

2. Second night: Retinoids
Retinoids are ingredients that accelerate cell renewal and collagen production. Their action helps to deal with discoloration, while at the same time reducing the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and mild acne. That’s why on the second night we suggest you start again with the double cleansing (The Pure Cleansing Oil & The Toning Cleansing Gel) and then continue by applying the CP Miracle Cream. Apply a pea-sized amount of this product on clean and dry skin, which is ideal because it detoxifies and deeply cleanses the pores, while stimulating skin regeneration at the same time. Then continue with the CP Miracle Serum which contains natural retinol, the basis of which is vitamin A while its high content is due to the Rosehip plant. A rich facial serum to lock in the beneficial ingredients that our skin will receive.

Tip: Make sure your face is completely dry, as wet skin enhances the penetration of retinol and this can cause irritation.

3. Third and Fourth nights: Recovery
On the 3rd and 4th nights, we must let our skin rest due to the fact that it worked hard for two nights in order to renew itself. We focus on complete hydration without many active ingredients, choosing products with nutrients, such as hyaluronic acid and peptides. We always start by cleansing our face with a gentle cleanser, such as The Calming Cleansing Gel, which deeply cleanses the skin and restores the skin’s natural balance. We continue with the Miracle Cream facial moisturizer, which has a rich texture that deeply hydrates while helping balance the skin’s pH. If we feel that our skin needs extra hydration we can boost it with a few extra drops of The Original Serum, which will make the difference thanks to its natural nutrients and minerals that hydrate and nourish the skin, helping it deal with redness and marks.

The last hydration step is optional and is very suitable for dry or damaged skin. Apply a generous amount of CP Ointment to seal in moisture and natural oils within your skin.

In conclusion, the concept of “Skin Cycling” allows for a balance between these two effective but potentially irritating ingredients. Essentially alternating the use of exfoliator and retinol followed by two recovery nights allows our skin to develop tolerances.

Skin cycling is a relatively easy method compared to other complex skin care methods, since it allows balance between the two active ingredients mentioned above, due to the sufficient time we give the skin to “recover“.

It’s important to mention that every skin type can benefit from this four-day skin care routine. It can be very easily adopted by both beginners and advanced users, since it is a relatively flexible program, as it allows small changes and combinations according to our skin type and needs. As with all skin care, we need to consider our own skin type. That’s why every routine is different.

Don’t forget that the quality of our skin can change, due to the ups and downs of hormones, stress and changes in our mood.

We will be very happy to hear your impressions if you try the skin cycling method and we are at your disposal for any further questions.

With love,
The CP Herbalist team

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