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CP Herbal Skin Care Cosmetics

100% naturally derived and luxury skincare cosmetics, qualified as high performers. All the recipes are prepared in Cyprus, within a safe packaging, ease of use and value for money. The concept of our powerful and unique herbal combinations, is that their ingredients are innocent and pure. Our ongoing action plan, is to successfully supply our users, with top organic beauty products, qualified as high performers with the best value for money, always with a commitment to quality and efficiency. We aspire to improve holistic health and the luxury cosmetics world, by making a positive impact on our community.

100% Pure Natural Ingredients

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  • Skincare Consulting

We plan our ways to put customers in our picture, while consulting them with our expertise and know-how by making available the best and latest information there is in all of our platforms.

  • Handmade Cosmetics

Hand prepared high performing skin care, qualified as pure and innocent, with 100% natural ingredients and the Best Value for money.

  • Tailored Mixtures

We provide total customisation of our recipes in order to ensure absolute satisfaction for your own specific needs.

  • Trustful Products

Users know that are in good hands, because our products are intended and designed to satisfy the end-user who is considered part of our family.

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The foundation of what we do – Feel beautiful in my own skin! She is a beautiful woman, because beauty comes from within and a truly beautiful person is a person who feels beautiful. She is aware of her value, feels proud of herself of both the beautiful and the less beautiful parts of her

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Our daily health & beauty tips!

10 easy beauty tips we can all do right now to show our self how much we respect and love! 1. Rehydration! Drink plenty of water and manage to rehydrate yourself as much as possible. 2. Excerise! Take a big breath and do some stretching or take the stairs. Generally try to excersise a little

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