CP Miracle Cream


A Long-lasting and long-established high performer with high coverage for skin smoothening, illumination and enrichment of the skin.


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Product Description


  • Fuels and nourishes the skin
  • Stimulates and empowers the skin
  • Recovers the cells in order to restore the skin
  • Detoxes with comfort
  • Evens out the natural tone
  • Sharpens the angles of the face
  • Adapts and adjusts into your unique skin
  • Helps the pores of the face to go back to their normal size


An efficient skin protector that provides natural nutrients, amazingly incorporated in a smooth cream, that weights 35 grams of magic. Moisturizing in nature, it is colored angelic white and smells like heavenly blossom.

No preservatives, 100% natural.

Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat. Keep in the fridge during summer period. 

CP Tips

Show your skin some love with a gentle massage with your beautiful herbal cream. You can use both hands on either side of your face gently with love, kindness, and affection.

How to use this product:

To apply, tap a pea-sized dab of cream to your face using your ring finger.  Then, smooth it over your skin, going on and around the face bones.


We use unconditional love and gratitude, Calendula officinalis Flower (infusion); Vitis vinifera / Grapeseed (infused oil); Calendula officinalis Flower (infused oil); Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil; Citrus paradisi (essential oil);  Glyceryl Stearate SE; Cananga odorata / Ylang-ylang (essential oil); Glycerin; Ethylhexyl stearate; Cocos nucifera / Coconut (infused oil); Cinnamomum camphora / Ho leaf (essential oil); Cetearyl Alcohol; Butyrospermun parkii; Oenothera biennis Oil; Citrus bergamia (essential oil);  Triticum sativum Oil; Tocopherol; Sodium Carbomer; Lavandula angustifolia Flower (aromatic water); Citrus limon / Lemon (essential oil); Euxyl K700; Shea butter extract; Rosa damascene Flower (aromatic water); Chamomilla recutita Flower (aromatic water); Glycyrrhiza glabra Root (decoction); Calendula officinalis Petal (Infused Oil); Cannabis sativa / Hemp (infused oil); Ceteareth-20; Prunus Armeniaca / Apricot (infused oil); Lavandula angustifolia (essential oil); Rosa damascene (essential oil);It might contain traces of nuts. Our Ingredients are Mother Nature lovers, plant based, cold-pressed oils, raw superfoods, paraben free, synthetic-chemical free, artificial colours free, no artificial fragrances, no GMO, no nasties, no animal testing, always hand cared.