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CP Herbalist Office Limassol Cyprus
CP Herbalist Office Limassol Cyprus

Our Story

Our team has strong and powerful female professionals, especially those employed to be the creators of our recipes. As a company, we totally invest in our employees, we respect their expertise, we reward them fairly and give them the opportunity to be part of female empowerment. It is a continuing journey for our team to achieve our goals. Each member of our team and our extended family, are talented in a unique way, so we want to see them shine and stand out from the crowd. For that, we stay united and we respect our individualism and diversity. The foundation of our actions is to also empower and encourage our people to follow their purpose and express themselves with freedom, self love and self respect. Our pleasant working environment, is a central source of positivity, productivity, creativity and originality, to our work ethic and growth.

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Our vision regarding our relationship with our customers is to satisfy the end-user, by constantly improving the efficiency and quality of our products and service. Our goal, is to strive for excellence through our service and built strong rapport with the customers. A healthy relationship with our users, will help us to have high standards and therefore overcome customers expectations in terms of value, use and performance.

Our vision, towards our relationship with our suppliers, is to make them proud to be part of our journey and the high performance of our products. It is such a big journey for a product to take a form and finally arrive to the hands of the user. We like to keep a productive and positive foundation with our suppliers, because ingredients are the key to the luxury cosmetics and have a great significance to the product and the user.

Our vision towards our relationship with our employees is to empower and share our success with our employees. Our secret to achieve maximum user satisfaction to show appreciation to our beautiful team and make a positive impact to the community. We are always open, to support new ideas regarding products and campaigns, that will strengthen our community. We have a great passion and a burning desire to be the revolution in the herbal skin care industry.


Every relationship network we have is critical to our success, as it strengthens and expands both our vision and mission. Our vision will be fulfilled with our effective action plan, in order to achieve our goals and our maximum potential. Our mission is to sustain profitable growth for all the individuals and businesses that have invested in our company. The process of raising capital for the business and managing relationships with investors, creditors and regulators has a great significance to us and we are ready to run the extra mile. As a result, our mission is to shape and maintain our relationships based on trust, respect and a mutual exchange of value.

Our mission is to provide high-performance cosmetics to ensure customer satisfaction and a healthy well-being. We always focus on pleasing our beloved user and everything else will follow. The fruits of our ambition is our ever-growing family of satisfied customers. We make products for us, our families and friends, so we take our artisanship extremely seriously. The same products intended for our family, end up being used by our extended family, the end-user of the product.

Our mission is that we endeavor to encourage innovation and originality through our products and service, while constantly educate the customer. We plan our ways to put customers in our picture, in order to enable the user to make the most of our products and services. Our action plan towards innovation and revolution, is to showcase our expertise, by creating products with transparency. We are striving to build trust between us and the user, while showcase the entire manufacturing and preparation process of the products. Our devotion to expand our customers awareness about natural skin care, is revealed by our effort to make available the best and latest information there is.

Our overall mission is to ensure that we furnish innovation and provide the best of luxury cosmetics in terms of regulation, quality, effectiveness, and safety. We are always on the lookout for new solutions, we are constantly creating innovative formulas, because we want our products and our service to be so unique, that it cannot be replicated. We would like to be a company recognized by the quality of our beauty products and why not, to even exceed the standards of quality products in general.