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Born in 2018, CP Herbalist is a certified 100% plant-based skincare brand, fusing nature’s alchemy to deliver high-performing products full of nourishment for the skin and overall well-being. All our products are hand-made in Cyprus and are stored in environmentally-friendly packaging. We are committed to supplying our customers with top organic beauty products and we are devoted to quality and efficiency. We advocate ‘clean beauty’ and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their skin goals by offering a diverse range of products. Our goal, as a brand, is to create meaningful relationships with our customers, that are based on transparency, loyalty and trust.

Our story traces back to 2017 when Chrystallena Poulli, the founder and owner of CP Herbalist, decided to invest her time and energy into helping her family and friends find alternative ways of healing through the therapeutic properties of plants.
Her background in Herbal Medicine inspired the start; however, her enthusiasm and sense of devotion to helping other people have paved the road to what CP Herbalist manifests today – that is genuine love and care for customers. Our team consists of strong and skilled female professionals that believe in female empowerment and are ready to make a difference in people’s lives. As a company, we invest in our employees by encouraging them to explore their talents and by supporting them to achieve their goals and stand out from the crowd. Our motto is ‘Feel beautiful in your own skin’ because we believe that beauty comes from within. Caring for ourselves, both for our physical and mental well-being reflects self-love, which we believe is vital for achieving healthy skin and mind. As a company, we promote a holistic approach for addressing skincare concerns and we encourage our customers to integrate this holistic mindset in their lives.

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Ithomis 8, Limassol, Cyprus, 3027


One of our top priorities is to give you the best customer experience. Although we live in a world that favours impersonal interactions, we are on a mission to connect with our customers on a deeper level and learn more about their concerns and suggestions. We want our customers to feel comfortable talking to us, visit our store and be part of our growing community.
We strive to satisfy our customers by constantly improving the efficiency and quality of our products. Our on-going plan is to provide our customers with products that are high-performing, innovative and effective. We create products for our families and friends; therefore, what goes onto their skin is of utmost importance to us. The same products intended for our family and friends end up being used by our extended family, our customers. We are always on the lookout for new solutions. We are constantly creating innovative formula, because we want our products and our service to be unique and exceptional in quality.
We are on a mission to build trust and transparency between us and our customers by showing them the manufacturing process of our products and educating them on the therapeutic properties of our herbal blends.


Our success is measured by the success of our customers. Our biggest reward, to this day, is our ever-growing family of satisfied customers. Our core vision is to grow a herbal skincare community that is strong, supportive and loyal to our people. We are motivated to communicate every day that showing care to your skin is a form of self-love; skincare does not only improve your skin, but also boosts your mental well-being.