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Celebrate yourself and all the women of the world!

March 8th and it’s time to remember how wonderful we are and to applaud ourselves for everything we accomplish every day, small and big! And while we argue that every day we should embrace and take care of ourselves exactly as we deserve, women’s day is the perfect occasion to “spoil” and celebrate ourselves and the wonderful women we have in our lives.

That is why for this day, we couldn’t help but prepare a beautiful surprise for all of you, to celebrate with you and thank you for all the love and support you show to our brand! It is important to mention that our team consists mainly of women who work with a lot of love to create unique products that you will love and integrate into your everyday life.

To celebrate with you, we will have offers on our products, from the 3rd of March until the 12th, which will reach up to 20%! On this occasion, we want to encourage you to take care of yourself more or make a gift to the beloved women in your life – mothers, sisters, girlfriends. And if you are one of our favorite male customers, the offers below are the perfect opportunity to offer a unique gift to your beloved, or to the women in your life!

In particular, these days you will find the Miracle Cream which is a rich moisturizing cream, perfect for shrinking pores, balancing the pH of the skin and regenerating it for a smooth and radiant skin, from €32 to €27. The Miracle Serum from the same series, a miracle serum for the skin’s restoration and deep hydration which helps with a lot of skin issues such as acne, burns and the healing of scar tissue on our skin, from €60 to €49.

In our Glow line which rejuvenates, invigorates and tightens the skin for a glowing and healthy effect, you will find the Glow cream which has a light texture, ideal for daily hydration and toning of the skin, from €53 to €49 and the Glow Serum, which is a magical elixir to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as collagen production, from €80 to €65.

For the rich hydration of the eye area, the reduction of dark circles and puffiness, the Eye Glory Cream is the ideal choice that will give shine and stimulation to the area. From €50, you will find it at €40! For an even bigger boost, the Eye Lifting Cream is the cream that will ensure a natural lifting in the eye area and increase the elasticity of the skin. From €60, you will find it at €55!

If you want to aim at opening the pores of your skin, regenerating the skin and fighting breakouts, the Regenerating Moisturizing Gel is the ideal product for you and you will find it from €40 to €35!

Skin cleansing is the key to glowing, clean and healthy skin, which is why you’ll find all 3 of our cleansing products at a discount. The Calming Cleansing Gel, a mild, soothing gel that will gently but effectively cleanse your skin, is priced at €33 from €38. The Toning Cleansing Gel, an antibacterial cleanser that will revitalize your skin, helping it stay firm while shrinking the pores, is also €33 from €38. Finally, the product that effectively and easily removes every trace of makeup and dirt, the Pure Cleansing Oil, is available from €40 to €35!

And to take more care of the health, appearance and hydration of your skin, the Body Care Line package that includes the Exfoliating Body Gel Wash, a gentle exfoliating body gel that removes dead cells leaving the skin hydrated, and the Firming Body Oil, a soothing body oil that deeply hydrates the skin and helps restore it, giving it a gorgeous glow, is €69 from €78.

We are all beautiful, unique and capable of achieving anything we set our minds to – yes, even our wildest dreams! We deserve all the love and care we can receive and we ourselves are the ones who will give it to ourselves first. Taking care of ourselves ensures the self-confidence we need to face every situation with dynamism, knowing that we have the ability to achieve anything, because we deserve everything!

Today and every day, embrace yourself and the women in your life and remember that you have all the resources to become the version of yourself that you endlessly dream and envision! We believe in you!

Happy women’s day!

With love,

The CP Herbalist Team

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