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How to properly take care of your face before and after laser:

Hair removal with laser is one of the most common ways that men and women choose to stop hair growth. However, naturally, our skin is likely to be irritated after hair removal since it has received increased heat. Especially when it comes to our face which is significantly sensitive and more prone to the sun, we need to pay a little more attention to its care and protection, before and after a session.

Proper care begins before the laser!

Our face needs to be clean and dry for the laser to work properly. So before our session we need to remove any makeup or sunscreen and clean the area well in order to prepare it for the hair removal and prevent any consequences that may arise.

Double cleansing is a MUST step you can’t skip!

First use our favorite The Pure Cleansing Oil, a mild cleansing oil and remove makeup/sunscreen, leaving your skin calm and soft. Next move on with a cleansing soap such as The Calming Cleansing Gel which will entirely clean your skin, giving it a healthy and fresh feeling.

If you have just woken up, you can just do a single cleansing using The Calming Cleansing Gel, a mild product enriched with herbal vitamins and minerals that hydrate the skin without “draining” it from its good moisture.

Straight after laser its necessary to apply a sunscreen cream!

Since our skin is irritated, it is very important to protect it against solar radiation which can significantly worsen the irritation creating significant damage to our skin. Specialists recommend to avoid sun for the following days. Apart from this, it is important to avoid products that contain strong fragrances and synthetic chemical ingredients, since the alcohol they contain can irritate and redden the skin.

What we suggest is to always have your sunscreen cream with you so you can apply it before you leave the institute. The Skin Loving Sunscream is our recommendation, a sunscreen cream with a thin liquid texture and SPF50. It absorbs quickly and is ideal for oily skin as well as acne-prone skin. The natural ingredients it contains, such as organic cucumber oil and Kombucha Ferment Filtrate, help us achieve an even skin tone. Another important benefit is that it provides hydration and protects against photoaging. You will also find it in its small packaging of 30ml so you can carry it everywhere with you!

Once we get home, it’s time to wash our face again with the Calming Cleansing Gel, which is exactly what our skin needs after the heat of the laser. It is ideal for restoring our skin and cleaning it, since the organic cucumber oil it contains has the ability to cool the skin and reduce redness and inflammation. At the same time, Geranium Rose essential oil, which it also contains, is the herb with antioxidant properties that will reduce bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause skin diseases and infections, thus maintaining skin health.

Then the “key” product for unclogging our pores is The Regenerating Moisturizing Gel, ideal for combination and oily skin, as well as acne-prone skin. This is another must-do step after every laser session, designed to unclog clogged pores and prevent them from closing, but also to dissolve the dead skin cells left behind by the laser! At the same time, with the antiviral properties and soothing benefits offered by Melissa water, which it contains, it will fight any breakouts on your skin, helping it to stay healthy and clear.

Finally, a product that has strong soothing and moisturizing capacities, is essential to complete our routine and restore our skin. The Original Serum is a product that penetrates deep into the skin, toning it and providing it with hydration, something our skin needs more than ever. Apart from these, the serum helps to firm the skin, while it works against the redness and marks that are likely to appear after a laser session.

As already mentioned, the ideal is not to be exposed to the sun at least for the next few hours after the laser. But if it is necessary to do so, then our sun cream is more than necessary.

With Love,

CP Herbalist Team

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