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How Retinol works on your skin: Everything you need to know

Retinol or else vitamin A is one of the most effective ingredients that our face care routine can include. In recent years, more and more choose to incorporate this specific ingredient in their routine and realize the miraculous effects it can have on the skin. Since we are talking about miracles, did you know that our CP Miracle Line contains retinol and in fact, of natural origin?

It is the line that will take care of your skin, promoting collagen production, cleansing it deeply and helping it recover from acne, redness, discoloration and scars.

Pure retinol can be quite strong on the skin and cause moisture loss and irritation. Therefore, the presence of a natural form of retinol may be better for your skin because it can provide the benefits of retinol without the possible irritations, making it gentler on the skin, while providing all its benefits without the skin getting used to it.

What exactly does it help with?

It is an ingredient that has been proven highly effective both for maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance of the skin, as well as for acne issues, discoloration, blackheads and scar regeneration.

What is “skin purging” and why does it happen?

If you have heard of retinol, it is very likely that you have also heard of “retinol purging” or “skin purging” in which our skin shows pimples, peeling, dryness or some irritation. First, let’s point out that this is completely normal to happen and we will explain exactly why. We will also give you some CP Tips so that you can avoid a possible outbreak or have it to a lesser extent.

Retinol essentially promotes the cell renewal process, bringing new, healthy cells to the surface of the skin to replace old, dead cells. However, this process also “cleanses” the impurities and the increased sebum that are under the skin by bringing them out, resulting in possible breakouts/pimples.

You might find that it’s holding you back in terms of the look and health of your skin or even panic that it’s made it worse. But things are not like that. If you weren’t using retinol which speeds up this process, then all these impurities would stay under your skin and probably come to the surface at some point, causing major breakouts.

So even if you do break out, it means your skin is getting a deep cleanse. This phase is likely to last from 2 weeks to four, for some maybe longer, but we are sure that the results will be worth your effort and patience.

The routine we recommend is the following:

Start by spraying the CP Miracle Spray on your face, décolletage and neck to revitalize your skin. After it dries, continue with the CP Miracle Cream, a cream that is rich in anti-aging herbs and stimulates skin regeneration, detoxifying and purifying it. At the same time, it achieves the shrinking of pores, creating a uniform and fresh skin. Finally, it’s time for the CP Miracle Serum, which has anti-inflammatory and healing capacities, helping to heal scars, acne, sunburns and various other skin issues. It also has antiseptic capacities and helps to balance out the oiliness of the skin.


Νο1 Stay consistent! At the first sign of the “purge”, you may be tempted to put aside the use of the product, when in fact you should continue. While it’s definitely not fun to experience breakouts, it’s better to get all that debris off now so you can finally get the clearer, smoother skin you’ve been aiming for.

Νο2 Do not disturb or “pick” the acne because the only thing you will achieve is to make it worse. If you do so, you’ll be spreading acne-causing bacteria to other areas of your face and increasing your chances of breakouts, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Νο3 Avoid using products that dry out the skin, such as peeling acids. Our skin in this phase is undergoing cellular change and that is why we should pay attention to the combination of products we use to “clean” acne. Choose soothing products like the Pure Cleansing Oil which is a cleansing oil rich in antioxidants to calm and nourish irritated and sensitive skin, cleansing it deeply without dehydrating it.

Νο4 Not compulsory! You can start using CP Miracle Serum, twice in the first week, then 3 times the second, slowly increasing and giving your skin time and room to accept it properly.

No5 Use retinoids in combination with vitamin C since it is even more effective this way! Our CP Miracle Serum contains vitamin C of natural origin. A cocktail of raw materials, which is a good choice for those who want to cover their needs with a single product instead of using several different ones together. So by choosing products that also contain vitamin C, we protect our skin from the damage caused by the sun, since the use of retinol can make the skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.

No6 We never forget our sunscream! The Skin Loving Sunscreem is a light sunscreen which has a soothing effect with organic cucumber oil containing Gynura Extract. We suggest you use it every morning – regardless of the season – to complete your care routine and effectively protect your skin.

Don’t forget that skin care requires patience and consistency and that the results are worth it! A well-cared skin can help you feel more confident in your everyday life. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t see immediate results – consistent care and patience are the key ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin!

With love,
The CP Herbalist Team

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