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Cystic acne: What it is, when it occurs and what you need to know

If you’ve ever had cystic acne then you know that it’s an issue that requires special treatment and… a lot of patience! If you have no idea what it is exactly or how to determine if your acne is cystic or not, today you will learn all the information you need to know about this matter. But before we get into the subject, note that it is a very common phenomenon and that even if sometimes it seems impossible to overcome it, there is a way, and we will see exactly how to deal with it together!

What exactly is cystic acne and when does it occur?

It is an inflammatory acne which is deeply formed under the skin and it is often quite painful. This can occur due to various factors with the most common being bacteria, oil and hormonal imbalance. While all of us are likely to experience cystic acne at some point in our lives, this particular issue is more common in adolescence, women, and people with hormonal imbalances.

How will you understand if you have cystic acne?

You will notice exactly what its name says: cysts that are under the surface of the skin. On the outside they are usually whiter in color, show redness and are painful to touch.
It’s important to deal with it because as time passes by it may be harder to get rid of and it can get worse by leaving you with scars.

How to effectively deal with it

As already mentioned, this is a process that requires patience and you will probably need a lot of time to deal with it effectively. What we aim to do is remove the cystic acne from the inside out, since only then will we have dealt with it completely and not superficially, resulting in bigger breakouts afterwards.
An ingredient that has been proven to be particularly helpful is retinol, which is found in its natural form in our Miracle Line and helps to renew skin cells. As mentioned in a related article regarding retinol, it is a process in which our skin removes the impurities that are under the surface of the skin and results in its renewal.

In addition to the Miracle line products, another crucial step is the daily cleansing of the skin. Use a good cleanser that will respect the skin’s pH, cleanse and soothe the skin, can even prevent the appearance of cystic acne and of course help to treat and reduce the breakouts.

The Calming Cleansing Gel is a soothing cleansing gel which gently removes impurities from your skin, restoring it’s natural balance. The Toning Cleansing Gel is an antiseptic cleanser which removes impurities, leaving your skin toned and hydrated.

Other factors

Various factors can cause cystic acne such as hormonal impalance, stress or even our diet. To be able to deal with it effectively, it is good to check what causes the appearance of cystic acne. Generally, a healthy diet with a reduced sugar intake and processed fatty foods, as well as adequate water consumption and exercise, can enhance our efforts to achieve healthy skin.

Our clients’ experiences

The number one factor that has helped to clear cystic acne effectively is consistency. Many clients approach us stating that they have been struggling with acne for a long time without results. By starting the systematic use of our cleansers in combination with the Miracle Line, they began to see a difference and over time the results justified them. You can see the related ‘story-times’ in our stories on Instagram.

Our tips:

• Start treating cystic acne as soon as possible so it doesn’t get too deep into the skin and therefore be treated more easily.

• Choose products that will help remove impurities in depth and effectively, not superficially.

• Be systematic with the use of the products, do a good cleansing and have patience because we promise that the results will reward you!

Generally, what we should all keep in mind is that these types of skin issues can appear in anyone and even if it takes time, they are treatable. We know that skin issues can also have an impact on psychology and self-confidence, but you need to remember that acne doesn’t make you any less “good enough” or attractive. You are beautiful, you are enough, you are capable with or without acne and remember, we are always here to help you!

With love,
CP Herbalist Team

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