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Although I am following a comprehensive care routine, I have clogged pores – What am I doing wrong?

Clogged pores are a skin issue that can occur in anyone, regardless of age or gender. Of course, there are some categories of people in whom this issue occurs more often, as well as various factors that can cause it or make it worse. These ages are adolescence and early adulthood, as hormones stimulate the glands that produce oil and sebum.

So if you are following a comprehensive care routine but continue to have clogged pores, or if you are just searching for the causes behind this issue, here you will find what you need.

Initially, we need to understand what clogged pores are exactly. The pores on our skin become clogged when they get blocked by sebum or impurities that accumulate on our skin. Sebum is essentially an oily liquid that is produced by our sebaceous glands and its purpose is to keep our skin hydrated. But when it’s produced in large quantities (for various reasons that we’ll mention) or mixed with dirt and bacteria, then it can clog our pores and make them look much larger.

What are the common reasons that cause our pores to clog?



Comedogenic products found in most beauty products

Diet – Although it is not clear whether it can cause clogged pores, a poor diet can certainly aggravate the condition

Today we will focus more on the issue of comedogenic products as they are the frequent, hidden reason for which our pores get clogged, even if we feel we are doing everything right: cleansing, moisturizing, etc.

So what are they exactly?

Non-comedogenic products are products that do not contain any ingredient that can close our pores, with all that this entails… ACNE.

Most of the products we find on the market, both for our face care and for our makeup, are comedogenic, due to the various synthetic ingredients they contain.

So what we would suggest is to always look for products that have the phrase “NON-COMEDOGENIC” written on them to ensure that they will not have any negative impact on your pores.

All our products at CP HERBALIST are non-comedogenic products, as we always want to ensure that what we use will only do good for our skin. Therefore, whichever cleanser, cream or oil you choose, you know that it is not going to cause your pores to close, but on the contrary, it will help them.

Of course, we have created a specific product that targets exactly the issue of closed pores and that is The Regenerating Moisturizing Gel. We call it the “key” to unclogging your clogged pores as it helps the skin barrier function’s improvement, skin’s regeneration and fights breakouts, helping us prevent future breakouts and clogged pores.

It has a light consistency, with a non-sticky texture and is absorbed very quickly by the skin. It consists of several natural ingredients, one of which is salicylic acid, which is known for its anti-acne capacities, since it keeps the pores cleaned and prevents the development of future white and black heads. It has the ability to exfoliate dead skin, while its anti-inflammatory capacities make it an essential ingredient for those suffering from psoriasis.

For a little while longer you can find it in our festive Bundle “The Green Beauty Box” together with the “CP Facial Spray” and “The Original Serum“, from €82 to €69, whilst if you want to buy it individually, you will find it for €40.

It is of course very important to always wash our face with a good cleansing soap that respects our skin. This way we will remove the pollutants, in order to protect our pores from clogging.

In our “CP Clean & Spritz Bundle” you will find our cleansing products in travel size packaging to give them a try – “The Calming Cleansing Gel“, “The Toning Cleansing Gel“, “The Pure Cleansing Oil” and the “CP Facial Spray“, from €43, to €36!

Finally, as we pointed out before, it is very important that our makeup products are non-comedogenic. And that’s because we apply them on our face and they often stay there for hours. Therefore, we recommend you choose “NON-COMEDOGENIC” makeup products, to keep your pores “happy”!

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