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4 tips to obtain healthy and shiny hair

Rich, shiny and healthy hair are a goal all of us have. Either you want to grow your hair or help them become stronger and healthier, the secret lies in small daily habits. It is true that some people are born “luckier” with regards to this subject. But the genetic factor is certainly not determinant since our selves can do a lot of things to take care the health and look of our hair.

So we have gathered a few tips which we consider especially important for everyone to keep in mind since they can really transform the look and well-being of our hair.

#1 Choose hairstyles that do not require heat. A bun where you won’t tight too much your hair, a ponytail, your natural shape or a light braid are a few chic and quick choices that will ensure healthier and less damaged hair.

#2 Include hair treatments in your routine a few times a week. Hair oils is an easy way to take care of your hair in limited time with limited effort. The only thing you have to do is to apply your favorite oil from the roots until the ends of your hair and then continue as normal with your daily tasks. You can do one of the hairstyles we’ve mentioned before and… you are ready for the office or for a rest day when you’re at home.

The CP Hair Oil Elixir with a mixture of nourishing Jojoba Oil, castor oil, cedar oil and avocado oil, helps the hair grow shiny and healthy, while at the same time repairs and nourishes them. Because of its antibacterial and antioxidant capacities, it cleans and balances out the oiliness of the skull resulting in clean, shiny and light hair.

The CP Hair Oil #Shine contains rich oils such as Argania spinosa, thyme, lemongrass, natural vitamin E, basil etc., which combined contribute to the detox of the skull, the strengthening and repairing of damaged hair, while helps hair become more elastic so that they are not prone to breakage.

The CP Hair Oil Lover consists of a rich blend of herbs such as Argania Spinosa and Persea Gratissima Oil which strengthens and rebuilds the hair, offering a soft, shiny and silky result. At the same time, it hydrates the hair and helps prevent frizz.

Our team has prepared a unique Christmas Set Bundle which contains all three oils in an offer so you can be able to try them all! In our limited edition set you will find the Hair Oil Elixir and the Hair Oil Shine at 125ml and the Hair Oil Lover at 50ml. It’s the appropriate period to make as a gift to yourself or to one of your loved ones our complete hair treatment line.

You can also find them in the very nice gift box of 50ml, making it the Secret Santa gift of your loved ones!

#3 Watch out your hairstyle. As you may know, our hair is more fragile and prone to breakage when they’re wet. So it’s best if we avoid combing them in the shower and select a hair comb which is suitable in protecting our hair from breakage and will wear down the hair as little as possible.

Alternatively: In the shower, to untangle your hair, you can gently run your fingers while your conditioner is on, to untangle it without bothering it too much.

*CP Tip: When combing your hair, start from the bottom with gentle movements and then pass the brush from the roots to the ends. This way the hair is easier to detangle, without being tangled or worn out.

#4 Do not dry or wrap your hair with a towel. Experts say that this habit is particularly harmful to our hair. First, we put a lot of pressure on the hair both when we rub them and when we fasten the towel to the back of our head. This can worsen frizz and weaken our hair.

Alternatively: Choose a cotton top or a microfiber towel and don’t wrap your hair tightly. Pat them in order to dry them and then wrap them as lightly as possible with the less damaging options we mentioned.

These were our tips, so attract attention with your shiny, soft and bright hair!

With Love,

CP Herbalist Team

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