Our daily health & beauty tips!

10 easy beauty tips we can all do right now to show our self how much we respect and love!

1. Rehydration! Drink plenty of water and manage to rehydrate yourself as much as possible.

2. Excerise! Take a big breath and do some stretching or take the stairs. Generally try to excersise a little bit more. Or just stand up and open your hands. Don’t forget that to be active is building confidence.

3. Routine: Wash your face in the morning with cold water. Have a healthy morning routine as well as a night routine that will be in coherence with your morning routine. Feel free to change your herbal skincare routine until it feels good.

4. Moisturise and Rehydrate your skin with pure and natural oily and fatty products.

5. Drink or eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more plants in general. Choose to nourish yourself with Natural food. Slow food is good for your mental health and physical wellbeing. Always remember that Mother earth does miracles to your body, mind, and spirit.

6. Smile and laugh just a little more. Don’t Take yourself too seriously. Plus, the most beautiful thing you can wear is your smile.

7. Protect your skin from the sun and bad conditions. Use sun cream or wear big fancy hats, or just protect yourself in any possible way.

8. Sleep well and/or give yourself some time to meditate, even if that’s just 5 minutes. Almost every successful person said that.

9. Try to make more healthy and conscious decisions over your lifestyle in general. Show yourself some love a little bit more today. Choose to fall and stay in love with yourself and everything else will follow.

10. Always choose herbal products for your body and skin, instead of chemical compositions. Natural products know how to attack without cruelty, by curing the root of the problem, while treating the causes of your condition. Try out as many innocent Herbal products as possible, to heal your mind, body and spirit.

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