CP Pouch

A collection of our best – selling products in mini sizes, including the CP Facial Spray, CP Hair Oil Elixir, CP Hair Oil # Shine, CP Eye Glory Cream, CP Miracle Cream and the old-time classic CP Mascara Oil Elixir. A great idea for a gift to your loved ones or for yourself. The perfect travel companion to ensure that you never need to be away from home without your favourites from CP Collection!

Pouch Includes:

  • CP Facial Spray (60ml)
  • CP Hair Oil Elixir (60ml)
  • CP Hair Oil #Shine (60ml)
  • CP Mascara Oil Elixir (10ml)
  • CP Miracle Cream (15gr)
  • CP Eye Glory Cream (11gr)


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Product Description

CP Facial Spray (60ml) – has a fresh, light texture with a green note in blooming smell can be used as a facial toner and cleanser. Cleansing in nature it has purifying properties with its hydrating and moisturizing components. CP Facial spray is tremendously empowering as it boosts collagen and elastin production, improving cell recovery. A spray that drastically brings luminosity to skin, by re-establishing and protecting the function of your skin, as it stimulates skin circulation. Sedative, stimulant and helpful for delicate sensitive skin. The best option to empower, soothe and relieve skin. Promotes newness, radiance for a glowing and healthy skin.

CP Hair Oil Elixir (60ml) – has a thick oily texture that enables effortless penetration inside the hair shaft for deep nourishment, while opens the pores to cleanse the scalp to its core. It improves blood circulation and balances scalp oils, to boost growth of soft and vibrant hair. Its anti-bacterial properties protect your hair from damaging factors. Renewed and reconditioned, your hair grows thick and strong, shiny and healthy.

CP Hair Oil #Shine (60ml) – is made from 100% natural ingredients, rare fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins and micro-nutrients creating a powerful nutritional value that boosts the growth of hair. Its antiseptic properties get rid of damaging factors and protects the hair from bad conditions.

CP Mascara Oil Elixir (10ml) – comes with a unique brush infused with an innovative mixture that lasts. The smear-resistant brush cleverly combs smoothly and separates for clump-free lashes. While extends and enhances your lashes, it can also groom eyebrows, defining the volume and the length of the brows. Its high curling power lengthens and thickens the curves of your lashes.

CP Miracle Cream (15gr) – a long-lasting and long-established high performer with high coverage for skin smoothening, illumination and enrichment of the skin. Fuels and nourishes the skin. Helps the pores of the face to go back to their normal size and evens out the natural tone.

CP Eye Glory Cream (11gr) – perfect for sensitive eyes, helps re-energise and protect the eye area while restores your skin to its youthful radiance. Rich in our signature blend of age-defying botanicals and natural antioxidants aspires to give you smoother, firmer, younger-looking face. This gloriously nourishing cream, delivers deep hydration, cleanses and moisturizes the delicate eye area deeply.

**For the full list of ingredients, how to use the products and advance details please refer to each product individually.